Busting myths about the tequila trend in India

In recent years, tequila has undergone a remarkable transformation in India. Once viewed solely as a fiery shot drink synonymous with wild parties, tequila is now shedding its stereotypical image and finding its place among discerning Indian consumers. This shift in perception is not only changing the way tequila is consumed but also opening up a world of possibilities for those willing to explore its diverse range of flavours and craftsmanship.
Tequila has long been associated with rapid consumption in the form of shots, often leading to uninhibited revelry. This perception stemmed from a limited understanding of the drink and its cultural significance. The reality, however, is that tequila is far more than just a means to get a quick buzz. It is a spirit with a rich history, complex production methods, and unique flavour profiles. Tequila, in its purest form, is crafted from the blue agave plant grown in specific regions of Mexico. The process involves harvesting and roasting the agave hearts before extracting the juice, fermenting it, and distilling it into tequila. This intricate process creates a spirit with a distinctive taste, reflecting the terroir and expertise of the tequila producer.

In recent years, India has witnessed a significant shift in the perception and consumption of tequila. This transformation can be attributed to several factors, including the growing influence of global trends, increased exposure to international cuisines and beverages, and a desire among consumers to explore new flavours.
One of the key contributors to this change is the emergence of a new wave of tequila brands entering the Indian market. These brands are focused on educating consumers about the nuances of tequila, emphasizing its artisanal production techniques, and showcasing the diverse range of expressions available beyond the standard Blanco, reposado, and Anejo classifications. Moreover, the rise of craft cocktail culture in India has played a vital role in expanding the horizons of tequila. Skilled mixologists and bartenders are incorporating tequila into innovative and complex cocktails, highlighting its versatility as a base spirit. From classic margaritas to unique concoctions infused with Indian spices and flavours, tequila is proving its adaptability to the Indian palate. Additionally, the growing popularity of premium and ultra-premium tequilas among Indian consumers has further propelled the change in tequila trends. Discerning drinkers are now seeking out high-quality tequilas aged in barrels, imparting rich and nuanced flavours that can be sipped and savoured, much like fine whiskies or brandies.

Busting the myth of tequila as a mere shot drink requires a deeper understanding and appreciation of the spirit. Indian consumers are increasingly exploring tequila through guided tastings, brand-led events, and educational initiatives by tequila aficionados. These initiatives help consumers recognize the nuances of different tequila expressions, learn about the production process, and appreciate the craftsmanship behind each bottle. As tequila’s reputation evolves, more Indian consumers are embracing the concept of savouring tequila, taking their time to enjoy its flavours and complexities. Whether it’s a sipping tequila paired with chocolate, a tequila tasting session with friends, or a tequila-based cocktail crafted by a skilled bartender, the possibilities for tequila enjoyment are expanding.

The myth of tequila as a shot drink is gradually being dispelled in India. Through the combined efforts of tequila producers, mixologists, and an enthusiastic consumer base, tequila is carving a new identity for itself in the country. As more Indians discover the diverse world of tequila and its multifaceted flavours, the days of mindless shots are fading, making way for a more refined and appreciative approach to this Mexican treasure.

Kitchen Hacks 101: Tips and tricks for using a pressure cooker safely at home

In today’s fast-paced world and modern cooking convenience, precise time is paramount to achieve consistently perfect results. Each ingredient demands a specific cooking duration for the desired texture and taste. Whether it is about tough cuts of meat or preserving the crunch of vegetables, understanding and adhering to accurate cooking times is a crucial skill. Keep a close eye on the timer; make necessary adjustments and experiment with various recipes such as instant pot meatloaf, French toast, chocolate chip cheesecake, chicken in wine sauce, cherry & rice pudding and many more.

Electric Cooker or a Stovetop Cooker: Choosing between the two involves weighing various factors to align with your cooking preferences and lifestyle as they come with advantages and considerations. Electric cookers often come with preset cooking functions and digital controls, making them user-friendly and convenient, whereas stovetop models provide more manual control. Electric cookers can take time to build up pressure and start cooking, and stovetop pressure cookers are opposite. Electric pressure cookers have electronic components that may require maintenance or repairs, whereas stovetop models have fewer electronic components, which might result in fewer maintenance concerns. Considering the most critical factor, the price range, electric cookers are priced at a higher cost than a stovetop, but for a stovetop, the price range varies based on the brand & features at times.

Systematic Assembly for Safety: Safe assembly is a cornerstone of pressure cooking. Ensure the rubber gasket is fitted correctly, the pressure valve is clean, and the lid aligns precisely with the cooker’s body. Familiarize yourself with the cooker’s safety features, such as pressure indicators and locking mechanisms, before commencing cooking. There are times when steam release issues and potential overflows might catch you off guard. Choose the right kind and amount of liquid: Stovetop models generally require at least one cup, while electric models follow manufacturer recommendations. Choosing liquids like water, broth, or cooking liquids prevents burning the dishes, and it enhances the flavor. Proper venting and pressure release techniques are essential for your safety. Natural pressure release allows steam to dissipate gradually, preserving the texture and flavor of the dishes. Whereas quick pressure release halts cooking rapidly. Mastering both techniques and understanding when to use them prevents unnecessary accidents and ensures the pressure cooker remains a safe companion.

Safety Precautions: While using a pressure cooker, it is essential to be cautious and attentive at all times. Never leave the cooker unattended while it’s operating. Ensure not to fill the cooker beyond capacity, as this could lead to an explosion. It is best to let the steam release altogether, and the cooker cool down before opening the lid to avoid any injury.

Essential Safety Tips and Tricks: is a valuable guide for understanding pressure cooker usage. It helps in striking a balance between culinary excellence and safety precautions. Understanding the intricacies of steam pressure buildup, the selection of the right cooker, meticulous assembly, appropriate liquid ratios, safe venting and release techniques and other factors helps one understand how to use the tool effectively with all the safety.
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Contributed by: Ankur Agarwal , General Manager & Head of Marketing, TTK Prestige Ltd

Peanut Butter Toffee Recipe

Fond of peanut butter? Try out this recipe of Peanut Butter Toffee that you can prepare using just four ingredients. For this recipe, you will need- peanut butter, sugar, butter and some cookies. In this recipe, we have used plain butter cookies, but you can use any cookie/biscuit flavour of your choice like vanilla, chocolate etc. Be it kids or adults, everyone will love these creamy toffees for sure. You can serve these toffees to your guests at kitty parties or to kids at birthday parties. We have jotted down a basic peanut butter toffee recipe, however, you can customize the recipe as per your taste by adding some extra ingredients. You can add candied fruits, almonds, cashews, raisins and even chocolate chips to the recipe. To make the toffees look more attractive, you can wrap the toffees in beautiful wrapping paper and store them in the fridge for later usage. Do try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be by leaving a comment in the section below.

How to make Peanut Butter Toffee

  • Step 1 Crush the cookies

    Add butter cookies to a blender and blend well to crush the cookies. Once a coarse cookie mixture is formed, take out the cookie crumbs in a bowl.

  • Step 2 Make peanut butter mixture

    Now add peanut butter, sugar and butter to a pan. Keep on medium flame, mix well and cook for a few minutes or until the sugar is combined well with the peanut butter and butter.

  • Step 3 Add cookie crumbs

    Now add cookie crumbs to the peanut butter mixture and mix well. Cook for 2-3 minutes to form a smooth mixture.

  • Step 4 Let the mixture set

    Pour the mixture into a greased tray and even it out. Slide the tray in the fridge and let it rest for a while. Check after 1 hour. The peanut butter mixture should have set by now.

  • Step 5 Cut into squares and serve

    Use a sharp knife and cut the peanut butter slab into small squares. Your Peanut Butter Toffees are now ready to be served.


  1. Add nuts, candied fruits or chocolate chips to the batter if you like.
Lima Bean Spinach Dressing Recipe

Need a healthy yet tasty dressing for your salad? Try this easy-to-make Lima Bean Spinach Dressing that can be prepared with just a handful of ingredients. Lima Beans give a creamy texture to the dressing, while other ingredients like spinach, onion, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, mayo, yeast and salt add a variety of flavours to the dressing. You can also use this dressing as a dip with fried, chips, nachos etc. This healthy dressing tastes amazing with carrot and cucumber sticks. You can enjoy it as an evening snack and even serve it at parties and get-togethers. Be it kids or adults, everyone will love this recipe for sure. Do try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be by leaving a comment in the section below.

How to make Lima Bean Spinach Dressing

  • Step 1 Boil the lima beans

    Wash the lima beans well and add them to a pot of water. Boil until fully cooked. You can also pressure cook the beans until soft.

  • Step 2 Blend the ingredients

    Add the boiled lima beans, spinach leaves, chopped onion, garlic cloves, mayo, lemon juice, olive oil, nutritional yeast and salt as per taste to a food processor. Blend until all the ingredients are combined.

  • Step 3 Dip is ready

    Once the ingredients turn into a smooth and creamy mixture. Take it out in a bowl. Your dip is ready.

  • Step 4 Ready to be served

    Lima Bean Spinach Dressing is now ready to be served. Pair up with chips, nachos, fries etc and serve.

Bread Pizza Pocket Recipe

If you are a pizza lover, then bookmark this recipe right away. Flavours of pizza packed in a small bread pocket will be the ultimate answer to your pizza cravings. With just a handful of ingredients like bread, pizza sauce, garlic, onion, capsicum, corn, carrot, cheese, oregano, chilli flakes and salt, you can make scrumptious pizza pockets at the comfort of your home. You can also add chopped black olives and jalapenos to make the pocket more pizza-like. If you have kids at home, then you need to try this recipe as the kids will love it for sure. The best thing about this recipe is that the bread pockets are not fried. You can shallow fry them in minimal oil and still get tasty and crispy pizza pockets. We have used 2 grated cheese cubes in the recipe, however, you can increase the quantity of cheese depending on how cheesy you want your snack to be. Serve the snack with ketchup or any other dip to make it wholesome. Pair up Bread Pizza Pockets with cold drink of your choice or a hot beverage like tea or coffee and enjoy. Do try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be by leaving a comment in the section below.

How to make Bread Pizza Pocket

  • Step 1 Saute garlic and onion

    Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan. Add minced garlic and chopped onion. Saute for a minute.

  • Step 2 Saute the veggies

    Now add finely chopped carrot, capsicum and corn. Saute for 2-3 minutes.

  • Step 3 Add spices

    Now add salt as per taste, oregano and chilli flakes. Saute for a minute.

  • Step 4 Add sauce and cheese

    Lastly, add pizza sauce and grated cheese. Saute for a minute and switch off the flame. Your filling mixture is ready.

  • Step 5 Make bread pockets

    Take a bread slice and trim the edges. Use a rolling pin to flatten the bread. Add 1-2 tbsp filling to the bread and spread it a bit. Apply a few drops of water on all the sides of the bread and fold the bread in half. Press down on all sides to seal the edges. Applying water helps in sealing the pocket properly. Repeat this step to make more such pockets with the remaining bread slices and filling.

  • Step 6 Shallow fry the pockets

    Heat 3 tbsp oil in a non-stick pan. Once hot, place all the pockets in the pan. Shallow fry from both sides until golden brown in colour.

  • Step 7 Ready to be served

    Serve the Bread Pizza Pockets with tomato ketchup and enjoy.


  1. To make the bread pockets cheesier, you can line the bread slice with cheese slice and then fill the mixture in it.
Badam Paneer Ka Kashmiri Shufta Recipe

Bored of the usual mithais, sweets or desserts? Try this off-beat Badam Paneer Ka Kashmiri Shufta that will woo you with its tempting flavours and aroma.

Badam Paneer Ka Kashmiri Shufta is the perfect fusion of traditional flavours with a modern twist. Be it a festival or any other special occasion, this Badam Paneer Ka Kashmiri Shufta is the perfect dessert to serve to your guests and impress everyone with your culinary skills. When it comes to nuts, almonds are one of the tastiest and healthiest of the lot. If almonds are your favourite as well, then bookmark this recipe and try it out at home. For the upcoming Valentine’s Day, this Kashmiri Shufta is perfect. You can also try it out for birthdays, anniversaries, pot lucks, buffets or any other party. Loaded with rich ingredients like almonds, dates, raisins and ghee, this dessert will also keep you warm during chilly winter months. Do try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be by leaving a comment in the section below. Happy Cooking!

How to make Badam Paneer Ka Kashmiri Shufta

  • Step 1 Chop the dates

    Cut the dates into small pieces and soak in water for 15 minutes or till soft.

  • Step 2 Soak the raisins

    Wash and soak the raisins in a separate bowl for 15 minutes.

  • Step 3 Fry the ingredients

    Heat desi ghee and fry the almonds, paneer and coconut flakes till golden in colour.

  • Step 4 Prepare syrup

    In a pan, take water and add sugar, spice powder, saffron and rose petals. Cook till you reach a syrupy stage.

  • Step 5 Mix all the ingredients together

    Add fried almonds, paneer, soaked dates and raisins. Mix it thoroughly and till sugar syrup is reduced to a coating consistency.

  • Step 6 Ready to be served

    Take out the dish in a serving bowl and serve. Enjoy while warm

From Delhi to Kolkata: ‘Coke is Cooking’ mesmerises with food and music fusion
The Coca-Cola Company recently introduced its worldwide dining initiative,  to the nation’s capital, wrapping up a remarkable blend of culinary and musical performances.

Held on October 27th and 28th at NSIC, Okhla Ground, New Delhi, the event made a significant impact on both food aficionados and music enthusiasts. The food festival marked a tribute to the enduring combination of Coca-Cola with exquisite cuisines, resulting in an enchanting union of tastes and harmonies.

The food festival showcased a diverse selection of more than 40 eateries, offering a rich tapestry of culturally infused and delectable cuisines, all conveniently situated under one roof. Drawing a diverse and enthusiastic crowd of attendees, the event served as a feast for food lovers who indulged in a delightful spectrum of street food, regional specialties, and modern interpretations of traditional recipes. From zesty chaats to aromatic biryanis, there was a culinary delight to satisfy every palate.

This unique celebration of food, flavors, and culture brought together a gathering of food enthusiasts, celebrated chefs, connoisseurs, and renowned influencers, including notable figures like Shivesh Bhatia, Gurpreet Tikku, Kamya Jani, Kusha Kapila, among others.

The event also featured interactive installations, a merchandise exhibit, photo booths, and a diverse musical experience spanning various genres, courtesy of India’s beloved artists such as Prateek Kuhad, Seedhe Maut, Nucleya, Raftaar, and Euphoria. These musical performances added an extra layer of excitement to the overall experience.

As the event bids farewell to Delhi, it extends a warm invitation to food and music aficionados in the “City of Joy,” Kolkata, where a similar gathering is set to take place on November 17th and 18th.

Makai Shorba Recipe

There is nothing more comforting than a piping hot bowl of soup on a chilly winter day. While you might have had the popular Sweet Corn Soup, here is a unique recipe of Makai Shorba that is so easy to make and super delicious at the same time. Made with just a handful of ingredients, Makai Shorba is so creamy in texture that you will not be able to stop at just one serving. This soup recipe is low in calories which makes it perfect for those on a diet. This recipe is apt for serving as a starter during parties and family dinners. You can pair up Makai Shorba along with some roasted vegetables and this combo will make for a wholesome dinner during winters. Crunchy breadsticks or toast can also be served on the side with Makai Shorba. We have just added black pepper powder as seasoning, but if you want it spicier, you can add paprika powder to it as well. Be it kids or adults, everyone will love this recipe for sure. Do try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be by leaving a comment in the section below.

How to make Makai Shorba

  • Step 1 Prepare the corn

    Blend half the roasted corn to make a fine paste and coarsely grind the other half.

  • Step 2 Saute the ingredients

    Heat oil in a pan. Now add chopped garlic cloves and saute for a few seconds. When garlic turns golden in colour, add cumin seeds and coriander seeds. Saute for 15 seconds. Now add ginger, coriander leaves, turmeric and refined flour. Cook for another 2 mins till the colour changes to golden.

  • Step 3 Add water

    Now add water (approx. 100 ml) to the pan. Cook for another minute and stir continuously to prevent lumps. Strain the mixture into another pan and discard the residue.

  • Step 4 Soup preparation

    Now add both, pureed and coarsely grounded corn to the pan with flour mixture. Add water to adjust consistency as per need, bring to a boil and simmer for a few minutes.

  • Step 5 Season and serve

    Adjust salt and add black pepper powder as per taste. Serve hot with toast or sauteed veggies on the side.

Mulled Strawberry Crumble Recipe

Looking for a delicious dessert that’s a combination of healthy ingredients? Try this Mulled Strawberry Crumble, which has been curated by none other than the popular celebrity chef, Sanjeev Kapoor. This dessert recipe is the best cheat meal you can treat yourself with on a relaxing weekend. Also, if you are planning a party at home, and want to treat your guests with a creative dessert then this dish is your best bet! This healthy dessert is rich in antioxidants, protein and low in fat. So, what are your waiting for? Go for it and try this dessert recipe today.

How to make Mulled Strawberry Crumble

  • Step 1 Preheat the oven

    To prepare this delicious and healthy dessert, preheat the oven at 180 degrees C.

  • Step 2 Dry roast flours

    Heat a non-stick pan on medium flame. Add oats and whole wheat flour on it and dry roast on medium heat for 4-5 minutes. Transfer to a bowl.

  • Step 3 Mix all flours with fresh cream and sugar free

    In the same bowl, add almond flour and mix well. Then, add half sugar free in it along with fresh cream and mix well.

  • Step 4 Prepare strawberry and wine mixture

    Heat the same non-stick pan over medium flame and then add strawberries, red wine, cinnamon, star anise, cloves and mix well. Next, add vanilla essence, remaining sugar free pellets and cook on low heat for 8-10 minutes. Discard the spices.

  • Step 5 Add corn flour slurry to pan

    Add corn flour in a bowl with some water, and mix rigorously. Add this corn flour slurry in the pan and mix well.

  • Step 6 Bake for 15-20 minutes

    Transfer the strawberry and wine mixture in an oven proof glass casserole, sprinkle the oats mixture evenly and bake for 15-20 minutes.

  • Step 7 Slice some strawberries and garnish on it, serve

    Garnish with sliced strawberries, and serve immediately.

Chicken Ham Sandwich Recipe
Are you looking for quick breakfast or snack options? If yes, then this Chicken Ham Sandwich is going to be a perfect go-to recipe for you. It’s super easy to make and won’t take up much of your time. Just get the bread, chicken ham, and your favorite veggies from the kitchen and you’re ready to rock the breakfast meal. It fuels you with energy without comprising on taste. You can also add your favorite sauces and then enjoy this recipe. It can also work as a great option for your children’s lunch box. Chicken Ham Sandwich provides you nutrition and taste. Stop eating your boring sandwiches and make your breakfast fun by eating Chicken Ham Sandwiches.

How to make Chicken Ham Sandwich

  • Step 1 Grill the bread

    In a grilling pan, brush some butter and then slightly grill all the pieces of bread. Once done, keep them aside.

  • Step 2 Apply butter on the bread

    Now, apply butter on all the pieces of bread. You can customize the quantity as per your choice.

  • Step 3 Layer the bread

    Place one lettuce leaf on the bread and then add tomato slices. Top it with a slices of chicken ham and then cheese. Finally, add one more lettuce leaf and top it with another slice of bread. Grill the sandwich for 5minutes.

  • Step 4 Your Chicken Ham Sandwich is ready

    Your Chicken Ham Sandwich is ready. Enjoy with tomato sauce or your favorite dip.


  1. The butter quantity is less because we already have cheese in the sandwich. You can adjust it as per your taste.
  2. You can add more veggies like onion, olives, etc. Experiment and create you own version.
Chicken Shammi Kebab Recipe

Chicken Shammi Kebab is one of the popular chicken-based dishes and is loved by people of all age-group. It can either be enjoyed as a starter or can be clubbed with the main dishes. Chicken Shammi Kebab tastes the best when some mint chutney or ketchup. Made with boneless chicken, chana dal, onion, ginger, garlic and a melange of spices, these delish kebabs offer a burst of flavours. These kebabs are pan-fried and are thus healthy for all weight watchers. They are full of protein and is the perfect option to binge on when you want to eat something healthy yet tasty. So, try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be.

How to make Chicken Shammi Kebab

  • Step 1 Wash the dal

    Wash the chana dal properly and soak it in 1 cup of water for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes rinse it again, strain and collect in a bowl.

  • Step 2 Saute the spices

    Heat 2 tbsp ghee in a cooker, add cumin seeds, carom seeds, cinnamon stick, bay leaf, clove, black peppercorns and let them crackle for 1-2 minutes. Add chana dal and saute for 2-3 minutes.

  • Step 3 Add chicken

    Add boneless chicken, salt and red chilli powder. Mix well and add 1 cup of water.

  • Step 4 Pressure cook

    Pressure cook for 3 whistles. Let the pressure come down on its own. Now remove the lid and if there is any excess water in it, cook open-lid for another 5 minutes.

  • Step 5 Dough for kebabs

    Now grind everything together to make a thick paste and refrigerate for 20 minutes. Now add chopped coriander leaves, onions, garlic paste, ginger paste to it. Mix well to prepare a dough.

  • Step 6 Make small kebabs

    Now grease your hands with some oil and make small balls using the dough. Flatten them a bit to make kebabs.

  • Step 7 Cook the kebabs

    Pour 2 tbsp ghee on a tawa and place your kebabs on it. Cook from both sides until golden brown in colour.

  • Step 8 Ready to be served

    Your delish chicken kebabs are now ready to be served. Enjoy them hot with chutney and salad.

Beetroot Paratha Recipe

If you’re fond of Beetroots then this recipe is going to blow your mind. Beetroot Parathas are a mix of two of your favorite foods: Beetroot and Paratha. It’s a very simple recipe made with beetroots chopped and pureed along with some spices to add flavor to the paratha. The paratha looks beautifully red in color and makes an amazing option for your Sunday breakfast meal. You can either top this mouth-watering dish with butter or desi ghee. Serve it alongside mint chutney and enjoy this delicious meal. Do try this recipe and let’s know if you enjoyed having Beetroot Paratha.

How to make Beetroot Paratha

  • Step 1 Make the beetroot puree

    Take a pan and add oil, once the oil is hot, add in the grated/chopped beetroot spices. Cook it for 7-9 mins and let it cool then. In a blender, add beetroot along with salt, pepper, ginger, green chili, garlic, and garam masala. Blend it well to form a puree.

  • Step 2 Prepare the beetroot dough

    In a bowl, add flour and then beetroot puree. Using water and oil, knead the dough. Once done, leave it for at least 20-25 mins.

  • Step 3 Divide the dough

    Now, divide the dough into 6 parts and then form a round ball-like structure. Sprinkle flour on the ball and then roll them to form parathas.

  • Step 4 Cook the parathas

    On a tawa, heat some oil and then add parathas. Using ghee, cook them until they have small brown spots. Repeat the step for the rest dough balls.

  • Step 5 Your Beetroot Paratha is ready to serve

    Your Beetroot Parathas are now ready to serve alongside mint chutney and raita. You can also add butter/ ghee on the top. Enjoy the meal.

Prawn Pulao Recipe

A perfect lunch recipe for all the sea food lover, Prawn Pulao will have you licking your fingers once you try it. An exotic preparation of prawns in basmati rice cooked in an array of spices, this recipe will set a standard that is tough to break. Prepare this enticing Bengali recipe for any occasion and add five stars to any celebrations. Add this to the menu of your kitty party and pot lucks and put all your friends and family in awe of your culinary skills. Follow this step by step recipe and enjoy your own homemade prawn pulao with the side of raita and curry and of course the company of your loved ones.

How to make Prawn Pulao

  • Step 1 Soak the rice and marinate the prawns

    To start making this lip-smacking recipe, first wash and soak basmati rice in water for an hour. Meanwhile, marinate the prawns in salt, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, raisins, mace powder and bay leaves.

  • Step 2 Saute all the spices with onions

    Next, in a kadhai add ghee. When it is hot enough add bay leaves and garam masala. Add onions in the oil and fry till they turn brown. Add ginger garlic paste to this mix and fry for another 5 minutes.

  • Step 3 Add prawns and rice in the mix

    Add prawns and cook for 5 mins. Then, add water and soaked rice to it. Add salt, sugar, cashew, nutmeg powder. Lower the flame and cook well till all water absorbs.

    Step 4 Top with ghee and kewra water and serve hot.

    Add some ghee and kewra water. Serve hot.

Kidney Beans and Chicken Soup Recipe
Craving for a warm and comforting meal? Then try this super easy and delicious Kidney Beans and Chicken Soup recipe. This high protein soup is great for weight watchers and people trying to build muscles in an effortless way. Loaded with the goodness of protein and spices, this soup has everything to make a bland meal sumptuous. In fact, you can tweak the dish as per your taste preference by topping it up with some cheese, herbs or veggies of your choice. Here’s how you can make this soup at home by following some simple steps given below. So, try this and share your feedback with us in the belwo given section.

How to make Kidney Beans and Chicken Soup

  • Step 1 Pressure cook beans

    To begin with this easy recipe, wash and soak kidney beans overnight. Next, day drain the water and pressure cook for 3 whistles with a dash of salt and pepper.

  • Step 2 Take a pan

    Take a pan and add butter and allow it to melt. Next, add in the veggies along with the spices and keep tossing.

  • Step 3 Add vegetable stock

    Add the chicken along with ginger and garlic paste follwed by kideny beans and vegetable stock.

  • Step 4 Serve hot

    Season with salt, pepper and piri piri seasoning. Cook the soup to the desired consistency and serve hot.

Spinach Sesame Toss Recipe
Craving for a delicious and quick side dish to pair with your delish meals? Then try this quick and easy veggie toss. Made with the goodness of spinach, sesame seeds, soy sauce this quick dish can also be used as stuffing with Tortilla or Pita breads for sandwiches. Rich in iron, folate, and calcium, this dish can also be paired with shredded chicken or tofu to make for a delish salad.

How to make Spinach Sesame Toss

  • Step 1 Wash the leaves

    To begin with this easy recipe, wash the spinach leaves.

  • Step 2 Take a pan

    Next, take a pan and add in olive oil, once the oil is slightly warm, add garlic cloves minced, onions, ginger and garlic chilie paste, toss well.

  • Step 3 Add spinach leaves

    Once done, add in the spinach leaves and add toos. Then add some soy sauce, salt, pepper.

  • Step 4 Serve hot

    Garnish with sesame seeds and serve hot.

Pizza Toast Recipe

Craving for Pizza, but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen baking one? Then we have got your back with this quick recipe to fix your Pizza cravings. Pizza Toast is a simple and quick recipe, which is loaded with the goodness of cheesy and veggie toppings. Just follow us through this simple recipe and nail this easy dish and impress your friends. You can add your own fun twist to this easy recipe and tweak the ingredients as per your preferences. So, follow us through this easy recipe and nail this simple delight.

How to make Pizza Toast

  • Step 1 Wash and chop the veggies

    To begin with this easy recipe, wash and chop the veggies.

  • Step 2 Toast the bread

    Light toast the bread over a non-stick pan. Once the bread is toasted, spread some sauce over the slices.

  • Step 3 Layer the cheese

    Layer the cheese and add the veggies and sprinkle the spices. Lastly, add proccseed cheese and sesaon with salt.

  • Step 4 Bake and enjoy

    Repeat with rest of the slices and bake for 5 minutes. Enjoy

Spicy Jhalmuri Recipe

Craving for a delish tea time snack? Then try this delicious Bengali-style Jhalmuri recipe made with some simple veggies, spices and herbs tossed with murmura(puffed rice). Paired with tea or relished as street-style munchy, this quick snack is not just delicious but also super healthy. So, just follow us through some simple steps below and nail this easy recipe at home. Share your feedback at the below given comment section.

How to make Spicy Jhalmuri

  • Step 1 Chop the veggies

    To make this easy recipe, take the veggies, wash and chop them.

  • Step 2 Mix all the ingredeints

    To the veggies add in a handful of peanuts, roasted chickpeas, chopped boiled potato and coconut chunks followed by lemon juice. Toss it nicely.

  • Step 3 Enjoy

    Next add in puffed rice followed by mustard oil and a dash of salt, red chili powder, cumin powder and black salt toss it up with the veggies. Add coriander leaves and enjoy.

Arbi Masala Kebab Recipe

A delicious starter or appetizer recipe, Arbi Masala Kebab is an innovative dish that you can cook for your loved ones. This kebab is made of boiled arbi, which is pressed and then coated with dry masala. This coated arbi is then shallow fried in ghee. To make them healthier, you can bake these kebab as well.

How to make Arbi Masala Kebab

  • Step 1

    To prepare this dish, gently press and flatten each boiled arbi. Next, mix all the dry spices in a deep dish. Roll the flattened Arbi in spice mix one by one, coat each arbi with spices.

  • 1
  • 3
  • 2
    • Step 2 Coat arbi and cook in ghee

      Next, preheat 2 tbsp ghee in a frying pan. Gently place the coated Arbi in it, let it cook on medium flame. Flip over and cook on the other side also.


    • Step 3 Garnish with onion rings

      Once both the sides get nice reddish colour, turn off the flame. Garnish with onion rings and chaat masala. Serve hot.

Quinoa Cauliflower Shorba Recipe

How to make Quinoa Cauliflower Shorba

  • Step 1 Cook the ingredients

    Take a pan, add some oil and heat it on medium flame. Add onion and garlic, cook for 1 minute, then add bay leaf, star anise, cauliflower and quinoa and cook for 5 minutes.

  • Step 2 Add veg stock and cook

    Add vegetable stock then bring to boil, reduce heat for 10 minutes or until cauliflower and quinoa are cooked properly. Once cauliflower and quinoa are cooked properly, remove bay leaves and star anise.

  • Step 3 Blend it well

    Transfer shorba to a large blender. Add small amount of stock and blend until creamy. Strain the shorba and reheat it.

  • Step 4 Garnish and serve

    Garnish with cream and serve.

Avocado Banana Smoothie Recipe

This Avocado Banana Smoothie recipe is rich, creamy, and delicious made with healthy ingredients. It is a perfect recipe for breakfast or can also be served as a snack or a post-workout drink. It is also gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo-friendly. Made with just avocado, banana, almond milk and honey, this super-nutritious smoothie is perfect for all the weight watchers out there. You can adjust the ingredients as per your choice. You can add maple syrup instead of honey and also add chia or sabja seeds for added taste. So, try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be.

For Garnishing

How to make Avocado Banana Smoothie

  • Step 1 Blend everything together

    Add chopped avocado, banana, almond milk and honey into a blender. Blend until smooth.

  • Step 2 Garnish and serve

    Pour into glasses, garnish with chopped pistachios and serve!