Green Chilli Fry Recipe

For those who love having super spicy meals, this Green Chilli Fry recipe is perfect for you. If you have kids and elders at home who don’t like spicy food but you can’t do without ‘teekha khana’, then just pair up this Green Chilli Fry with your meals to give them a spicy touch. It is a type of instant pickle that you can even store in the fridge for a week. To make the dish, you need green chillies, cumin seeds, turmeric, asafoetida, coriander powder, dry mango powder, fennel powder, salt and oil. Prepared in less than 10 minutes, this super easy recipe is can be paired with roti sabzi and even dal chawal. This recipe is a perfect balance of spiciness and masalas. To add more flavours to it, you can even experiment by adding some garlic powder, mixed herbs powder, oregano and even chilli flakes. Make sure you store Green Chilli Fry in an airtight container in the fridge. Do try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be by leaving a comment in the section below.

How to make Green Chilli Fry

  • Step 1 Cut the green chillies

    Wash the green chillies and pat them dry. Now chop the green chillies into small pieces and collect them in a bowl.

  • Step 2 Prepare the tadka

    Now heat oil in a pan. Add asafoetida, cumin seeds and let them splutter for a minute.

  • Step 3 Add green chillies

    Now add green chillies along with salt. Mix and saute for 10 seconds.

  • Step 4 Add all the spices

    Now add turmeric, coriander powder, dry mango powder and fennel seeds powder. Mix and stir fry the green chillies for 2-3 minutes. Make sure the green chillies are still a bit crunchy.

  • Step 5 Ready to be served

    Your Green Chilli Fry is now ready to be served. Serve them with your dal, roti, sabzi and spice up your meals. Enjoy!

Hing Peda Recipe
Often experience indigestion after having heavy meals? Bid goodbye to stomach issues with this homemade Hing Peda recipe that you can easily prepare with just a handful of ingredients. This Hing Peda recipe is a no-cook recipe and can be prepared in just 5-10 minutes. To make Hing Peda or Hing Goli, you need powdered sugar, hing or asafoetida, cumin powder, black salt, dry mango powder and lemon juice. All these ingredients will help in keeping your stomach health, will treat indigestion, prevent bloating, soothe acid reflux and even relieve the feeling of nausea. To add a touch of anardana flavour to the pedas, you can mix in some anardana powder while making them. You can make a batch of Hing Peds and store them in an airtight container for later usage. Do try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be by leaving a comment in the section below.

How to make Hing Peda

  • Step 1 Mix the dry ingredients

    In a bowl, add powdered sugar, cumin powder, dry mango powder and black salt. Give a mix.

  • Step 2 Make hing paste

    In a bowl, add hing and 1 tsp water. Mix to form a paste. Add this paste to the dry ingredients.

  • Step 3 Make dough

    Add lemon juice to the bowl. Mix and knead with your hands to form a dough.

  • Step 4 Make balls

    Pinch out small balls from the dough, wet your hands and roll between your hands. Roll them in powdered sugar to give a final coating.

  • Step 5 Ready to be served

    Once done, your Hing Pedas are ready to be served.


  1. Store the Hing Pedas in an airtight container in the fridge.
Makai Shorba Recipe

There is nothing more comforting than a piping hot bowl of soup on a chilly winter day. While you might have had the popular Sweet Corn Soup, here is a unique recipe of Makai Shorba that is so easy to make and super delicious at the same time. Made with just a handful of ingredients, Makai Shorba is so creamy in texture that you will not be able to stop at just one serving. This soup recipe is low in calories which makes it perfect for those on a diet. This recipe is apt for serving as a starter during parties and family dinners. You can pair up Makai Shorba along with some roasted vegetables and this combo will make for a wholesome dinner during winters. Crunchy breadsticks or toast can also be served on the side with Makai Shorba. We have just added black pepper powder as seasoning, but if you want it spicier, you can add paprika powder to it as well. Be it kids or adults, everyone will love this recipe for sure. Do try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be by leaving a comment in the section below. Happy Cooking!

How to make Makai Shorba

  • Step 1 Prepare the corn

    Blend half the roasted corn to make a fine paste and coarsely grind the other half.

  • Step 2 Saute the ingredients

    Heat oil in a pan. Now add chopped garlic cloves and saute for a few seconds. When garlic turns golden in colour, add cumin seeds and coriander seeds. Saute for 15 seconds. Now add ginger, coriander leaves, turmeric and refined flour. Cook for another 2 mins till the colour changes to golden.

  • Step 3 Add water

    Now add water (approx. 100 ml) to the pan. Cook for another minute and stir continuously to prevent lumps. Strain the mixture into another pan and discard the residue.

  • Step 4 Soup preparation

    Now add both, pureed and coarsely grounded corn to the pan with flour mixture. Add water to adjust consistency as per need, bring to a boil and simmer for a few minutes.

  • Step 5 Season and serve

    Adjust salt and add black pepper powder as per taste. Serve hot with toast or sauteed veggies on the side.

Kale and Apple Salad Recipe

Welcome the summer season by trying out this yummy summer-special salad recipe. Kale and Apple Salad is a refreshing and yummy salad recipe that you can have as a snack and even with your meals. Kale and Apple Salad is a delicious dish that combines the sweetness of apples with the earthy flavour of kale. It’s a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins and fiber while satisfying your taste buds. Kale is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with the goodness of vitamins A, C, and K, and is easily available in grocery stores in summers. The benefits of apple are unknown to us- they are loaded with essential antioxidants, minerals and fiber. The addition of crushed almonds adds more texture to the salad. The humble dressing of olive oil, maple syrup, lemon juice and salt amps up the flavours of the salad in a jiffy. The best thing about this salad is that it is super filling yet healthy at the same time. It is perfect for weight loss as it is low in calories and carbs. It is also low in cholesterol and high in fiber. If you love trying out new recipes at home, then don’t forget to bookmark this recipe. Do try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be by leaving a comment in the section below. Happy Cooking!

How to make Kale and Apple Salad

  • Step 1 Prepare kale leaves

    Wash the kale leaves properly and pat them dry. Trim off the hard edges and collect the leaves in a bowl.

  • Step 2 Prepare the dressing

    In a bowl, add olive oil, lemon juice, maple syrup and salt as per taste. Whisk well to make a dressing.

  • Step 3 Dress the kale leaves

    Pour the dressing on the kale leaves and mix well to coat the leaves properly. Set them aside for now.

  • Step 4 Chop the apple

    Now just peel and chop the apple into bite-sized cubes. Add these cubes to the salad and give a toss.

  • Step 5 Garnish and serve

    Garnish the salad with crushed almonds and serve. Enjoy!