Chicken Ham Sandwich Recipe
Are you looking for quick breakfast or snack options? If yes, then this Chicken Ham Sandwich is going to be a perfect go-to recipe for you. It’s super easy to make and won’t take up much of your time. Just get the bread, chicken ham, and your favorite veggies from the kitchen and you’re ready to rock the breakfast meal. It fuels you with energy without comprising on taste. You can also add your favorite sauces and then enjoy this recipe. It can also work as a great option for your children’s lunch box. Chicken Ham Sandwich provides you nutrition and taste. Stop eating your boring sandwiches and make your breakfast fun by eating Chicken Ham Sandwiches.

How to make Chicken Ham Sandwich

  • Step 1 Grill the bread

    In a grilling pan, brush some butter and then slightly grill all the pieces of bread. Once done, keep them aside.

  • Step 2 Apply butter on the bread

    Now, apply butter on all the pieces of bread. You can customize the quantity as per your choice.

  • Step 3 Layer the bread

    Place one lettuce leaf on the bread and then add tomato slices. Top it with a slices of chicken ham and then cheese. Finally, add one more lettuce leaf and top it with another slice of bread. Grill the sandwich for 5minutes.

  • Step 4 Your Chicken Ham Sandwich is ready

    Your Chicken Ham Sandwich is ready. Enjoy with tomato sauce or your favorite dip.


  1. The butter quantity is less because we already have cheese in the sandwich. You can adjust it as per your taste.
  2. You can add more veggies like onion, olives, etc. Experiment and create you own version.