Gur Sandesh Recipe
Sandesh is a quintessential Bengali sweet made with the goodness of homemade chenna, nolen gur and nuts. This traditional sweet delicacy can be made in several ways, but what makes it amazing is its creamy texture. So, with festive season around the corner, treat your loved ones with this simple sweet delicacy and offer it like a prasad.

How to make Gur Sandesh

  • Step 1 Boil and curdle the milk

    To begin with this easy recipe, just boil milk in a vessel. Once the milk starts boiling, add 1 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice, allow the milk to curdle. Discard the watery part and strain the curdled milk through a muslin cloth, squeeze out the water and put a weight on it and keep is aside.

  • Step 2 Make the Sandesh dough

    Take a large tray, add the Chenna and mix it with jaggery and knead a smooth dough. Heat a pan and add this dough, keep stirring this mixture.

  • Step 3 Shape the sandesh and enjoy

    Make sure you knead the Chenna into a fine smooth mix, then add sugar and cardamom powder. Knead it nicely and add the chopped and crushed dry fruits and nuts. Give desired shapes or you can also use a Sandesh mould. Place them on a plate and garnish the way you like and enjoy.

Nolen Gurer Payesh Recipe

Add sweetness to your festivity with this classic Gurer Payesh made with Nolen Gur. Nolen Gur is palm jaggery and gives the payesh or kheer a unique flavour. The palm jaggery is also a powerhouse of nutrition and is loaded with health benefits. It used to be mostly available in winters but now it can be found in several shops the whole year round. This payesh is a quintessential part of Bengali cuisine and it is impossible to imagine a lavish Bengali feast without this treat. In this recipe, rice is slow cooked in full fat milk to give it a thick, creamy texture. Once the rice is soft and mushy, the grated gur or jaggery is added. At this point it is very important to either switch off the flame or keep it low so that the milk does not curdle. Nolen Gur Payesh is an easy dish and anyone can make it to perfection. One can have it warm or cold and it tastes equally good. So, follow us through some simple steps and nail this easy Gurer Payesh recipe.

How to make Nolen Gurer Payesh

  • Step 1 Boil milk and soak rice

    To make this classic Gurer Payesh, take a vessel and add milk. Once the milk comes to a boil add the rice which has been thoroughly washed and soaked for an hour. This helps in cooking rice quickly. Keep the flame low after the rice has been added and keep stirring it every 6-7 minutes.

  • Step 2 Add Gur

    Rice will take some time to cook. Once it turns mushy, reduce the flame and add crushed nolen gur along with condensed milk. Cook the payesh for a few minutes till it turns thick. You have to ensure that milk is not on high flame as the gur might curdle the milk. In a pan add 1 tsp ghee and roast the almonds on low flame. You can add other nuts of your choice.

  • Step 3 Payesh is ready

    Switch off the flame and add the roasted almonds. Crush them roughly before adding. Allow the payesh to cool and serve!

Narkeler Naru Recipe

With Lakshmi Puja around the corner, let’s prepare the quintessential Bengali sweet offered to Goddess Laxmi on this auspicious day. Here is a step by step recipe of Narkeler Naru, which you can make at home in just a few minutes.

Narkel Naru also known as Narkeler Naru is classic Bengali sweet prepared in almost every household around traditional festivals and special occasion. Offered as prasad to the deity, this small sweet coconut delight is made with sugar as well as jaggery. In this recipe we are making Narkeler Naru with sugar, which is traditionally called as Chinir Narkel Naru. To make this simple recipe, you just need a few ingredients and you are good to go!

How to make Narkeler Naru

  • Step 1 Mix and knead

    To begin with this simple recipe, take a large tray and add grated coconut, sugar, milk and cardamom powder, knead the mixture nicely. If you don’t want to follow the traditional way of making it you can also blend it together.

  • Step 2 Cook the mixture

    Take a pan and add the kneaded mixture, keep stirring till the mixture appears cooked. Once the coconut mixture starts releasing oils. turn off the flame.

  • Step 3 Store the Naru

    Grease your palms and roll small bite sized Narus, place them on an open tray to dry up in the air. Once the Narus turn slightly thick, store them and enjoy anytime.