Bacon and Eggs Recipe

Bacon and Eggs is a popular and most loves Continental breakfast that is extremely fulfilling and delicious. Bacon and eggs is a simple, easy and wholesome meal that is perfect for a fulfilling meal and one of the best Keto breakfast. Bacon and eggs is a recipe that is really easy to prepare. as we all know that bacon and eggs go very well with each other and it is a protein-rich breakfast recipe. If you don’t feel like preparing an elaborate meal, this is what you ca prepare in just a little time. Follow the simple recipe steps and enjoy this meal with your loved ones. Try now!

How to make Bacon and Eggs

  • Bacon

    Step 1 Pan fry the bacon

    Fry bacon in a pan on medium-low flame until they are crispy. Transfer them into a plate.

  • Step 2 Cook eggs and cherry tomatoes

    Use the same pan to cook eggs. Crack eggs in the pan and cook them as you like; sunny side up. Cover the pan so that the egg cooks properly. Slice cherry tomatoes and cook in the pan at the same time..


  • Step 3 Season the eggs and serve with bacon

    Add seasoning and garnish with chopped fresh parsley. Serve bacon and eggs hot