Hot Toddy Recipe

As far as easy cocktails go, there’s nothing quite as cosy and comforting as a hot toddy on a cold winter night. Sure, you could opt for mulled cider or winter sangria, but both drinks require some foresight, requiring either an hour to simmer or even more time to hang in the fridge overnight. This toddy, on the other hand, comes together in mere minutes. Plus, it’s lighter and less sweet. To make a classic hot toddy, you’ll need hot water, whisky (or bourbon), honey, and lemon. A cinnamon stick adds a touch of warmth but is optional. To give the elixir a spicier edge, feel free to play around with ingredients. You can add spices of your choice to increase the flavour of this drink. Also, if you like, add maple syrup to the Hot Toddy for more taste & flavour.

How to make Hot Toddy

  • Step 1 Mix rum with brandy and hot water

    Take a glass and add brandy in it along with rum and hot water. Stir once.

  • Step 2 Add spices and enjoy

    Next, add star anise in it along with a cinnamon stick to bring that flavour. Enjoy this hot drink.