Tricolour Sandwich Recipe
Independence Day is round the corner, and what’s a better of celebrating the day than making some tricolour recipes at home? Do try this lip-smacking Tricolour sandwich recipe by none another than Ranveer Brar himself. If you are a sandwich lover, then this recipe will become one of your favourites. Sandwich are easy to make and you can easily munch on them while on the go. This sandwich recipe is a no-cook recipe that you can put up with just a handful of ingredients. Schezwan chutney, Mayonnaise and Mint Chutney gives the perfect colours of saffron, white and green respectively. You can pair the sandwiches with a hot beverage of your choice to make the combo a wholesome snack. So, this Independence Day, don some tricolour clothes and make this tricolour recipe to show your patrotism for the country.

How to make Tricolour Sandwich

  • Step 1 Prepare the stuffing

    In a mixing bowl, add grated cabbage, carrot, mayonnaise and salt. Divide the mixture into three separate mixing bowls. Add schezwan sauce to one and mint chutney in another and mix well. Keep the third mixture plain.

  • Step 2 Prepare the tricolour sandwich

    Apply butter to the bread slices. Apply the mint chutney mixture on the first slice. Place another bread slice on top. Keeping the buttered side up. Spread the plain mixture on this bread slice. Spread evenly. Place another bread slice on this and spread the schezwan mixture on it. Cover with the final bread slice.

  • Step 3 Cut and serve

    Gently cut into two and serve.