Broccoli Bell Pepper Omelette Recipe

Craving for a delicious breakfast? Then try this amazing Broccoli Bell Pepper Omelette recipe made with veggies, spices and herbs. Loaded with the goodness of amino acids, essential nutrients and fibers, this simple recipe will not only satiate your palate with its enticing taste, but at the same time it will also boosts your immunity and metabolism. So, follow us through these easy steps and enjoy a delish breakfast treat.

How to make Broccoli Bell Pepper Omelette

  • Step 1 Step 1

    To begin with this easy recipe, wash and cut the veggies in desired shapes.

  • Step 2 Step 2

    Take 2-3 eggs and beat them well with salt, pepper and a dash of red chili powder.

  • Step 3 Step 3

    Take a pan and add in butter cubes and once it starts melting, add in the veggies and toss them for some time. Pour the egg batter and spread evenly.

  • Step 4 Step 4

    Reduce the flame and allow it to cook, season with salt, pepper, oregano and chili flakes. Garnish with coriander leaves and enjoy!