Mango Spinach Rice Rolls Recipe

Craving for a delicious and light meal? Then try these sumptuous Mango Spinach Rice Rolls at the comfort of your home and enjoy. This simple yet healthy mix is a mélange of flavours tucked in a rice sheet wrap and served with light soy and sesame seeds dressing. If you are someone who loves the mélange of sweet and tangy flavours, then this avocado and mango dish is perfect to please the palate with a amalgamation of flavours. So, try it today and enjoy this exotic deligh

For Dressing

How to make Mango Spinach Rice Rolls

  • Step 1 Dip the rice sheets in water

    To make this easy recipe, dab the rice sheets in water and remove the excess water using a kitchen towel. Then place it on a kitchen tray.

  • Step 2 Fill in the stuffing

    Next, add some boiled sticky rice in the on the whole rice sheet, place the spinach followed by tofu, mangoes and avocados.

  • Step 3 Roll and enjoy

    Wrap it like a roll and tuck the sides in tightly to close it . Cut it into half or 2inch pieces. Lastly, enjoy with soy and sesame dressing.