Oats Payasam Recipe

Food plays an intrinsic part in any celebrations. As we celebrate Onam, how about making a fibre-rich payasam that’s delicious and nutritious. The choice is sugar is optional and can be replaced with jaggery or stevia. This Oats Payasam recipe is prepared by roasting oats and cooking them with skimmed milk with a pinch of cardamom powder. If you are also looking for a different Onam recipe this year, try this Oats Payasam and relish the flavours. (Recipe by Pearle Maaney,

How to make Oats Payasam

  • Step 1 Roast cashews

    Roast cashew nuts till golden in a little ghee and set them aside.

  • Step 2 Roast the oats

    To the same pan, add multigrain oats. Toast and roast them till they’re golden. Then pour milk and mix.

  • Step 3 Cook until thick

    Cook until it turns thick. Then add cardamom powder and sugar (optional). Mix until it dissolves.

  • Step 4 Oats Payasam is ready

    Pour a little ghee (optional) and stir. Transfer Oats Payasam in a serving bowl.

  • Step 5 Garnish and serve

    Garnish with Cashew Nuts. Serve hot or warm!