Kharbooja Kulfi Recipe

Summers are here and it’s time to delve into a delightful sweet treat and what can be better than a sweet and indulgent Kulfi made with the goodness of melon. This season brings with it a plethora of fruits and Kharbooja also known as Muskmelon is a wonderful sweet fruit, which can simply add on to the taste of the kulfi. Interestingly, Kulfi is a traditional Punjabi sweet, which is relished during this season so why not add a twist of melons to this age old recipe.

How to make Kharbooja Kulfi

  • Step 1 Wash and peel

    To begin with this simple recipe, wash, peel and cut small pieces of the melon. Next, take a blender and make a smooth paste of this fruit.

  • Step 2 Boil milk

    Take a deep bottomed vessel and add milk, boil over medium flame and stir occasionally. Once the milk starts reducing, lower the flame and add fresh cream and sugar to it along with some saffron. Once the milk turns thick in consistency, turn off the flame and allow it to cool down.

  • Step 3 Freeze to perfection and enjoy

    Next, add melon paste to the kulfi mixture and whisk it to make a velvety mixture. Next, pour this blend into the kulfi mold and freeze it for overnight or for 6-7 hours. Take it out 15 minutes before eating, demold and enjoy!