Drunken Strawberry Sorbet Recipe

Drunken Strawberry Sorbet is a boozy dessert that is packed with a fresh taste of strawberries and a strong punch of wine. Sorbet is a no-cook recipe and can be prepared in no time. You just need to blend the ingredients, freeze them and then blend them again to make a sorbet. That’s how easy it is to make a sorbet. We have used white wine for the purpose, however, you can use any flavoured wine as per your taste. To sweeten the sorbet, we have used honey, but maple syrup, sugar and even stevia can be used as a sweetener. Orange complements the flavours of strawberries really well, so don’t forget to add oranges to the recipe. A final garnish of fresh mint leaves is like a cherry on the cake. You can make this dessert for parties and everyone will love it for sure. Do try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be by leaving a comment in the section below.

How to make Drunken Strawberry Sorbet

  • Step 1 Reserve some wine

    Open the bottle of wine and take 2/3 cup into a measuring cup and set it aside for later.

  • Step 2 Chop the strawberries

    Remove the tops of the strawberries and cut them in half.

  • Step 3 Blend the ingredients

    To a blender, add the remaining wine, strawberries, orange pieces and honey. Blend until smooth and fully combined.

  • Step 4 Strain the mixture

    Then pour the mixture through a strainer into a baking dish.

  • Step 5 Freeze the mixture and then make sorbet

    Transfer the baking dish to the freezer and freeze for at least 6 hours or overnight. (The alcohol in the mixture will keep it a slushy texture instead of freezing solid.) Blend the mixture again until it comes to a fluffy texture.

  • Step 6 Garnish and serve

    To serve, place the blended mixture into a glass. Then pour a splash of wine that we set aside earlier into each glass (this step is important as it gives the final texture and brings in the character of the wine). Garnish with strawberries, orange pieces, whipped cream and mint leaves. Your Sorbet is now ready to be served.