Green Steak Recipe

Green Steak, which sounds like a typical non-vegetarian dish is actually a sumptuous vegetarian delicacy that is quite literally a green steak made from superfoods like spinach, quinoa & edamame. Because of its catchy name and deliciousness, this dish will become popular among your guests. The culinary artwork is made with unusual and exotic flavour combinations and is simply irresistible. The recipe contains high fibre ingredients like broccoli, red quinoa and edamame making it a healthy vegetarian element for your main course. Alongside this, it also consists of ingredients that are protein-rich and work as excellent antioxidants, making it a dish packed with health benefits. This recipe is a unique vegetarian and vegan dish when you want to serve up a dish that’s equal parts decadent and healthy!

How to make Green Steak

  • Step 1 Chop the vegetables

    Wash and finely chop all the vegetables separately, except the edamame bean.

  • Step 2 Crush the edamame bean

    In a food processor, coarsely crush the edamame bean.

  • Step 3 Boil red quinoa and roast the seeds

    Put a pan over medium flame and boil the red quinoa till cooked in some water. Once done, put another pan on medium flame and dry roast the pumpkin and flax seeds.

  • Step 4 Saute onion & garlic

    Now, heat oil in a pan and put it over medium flame. Add chopped garlic and onion to it, and saute till the onion is translucent. Add thyme and curry powder to the pan and cook till it leaves the aroma.

  • Step 5 Add chopped veggies to the pan

    Add the chopped vegetables one at a time and cook till the vegetables are tender and all the water evaporates. Adjust seasoning in the veggies.

  • Step 6 Let the veggies cool

    Once the veggies are cooked, turn off the flame and remove the pan from gas. Transfer to a bowl and set it aside to cool down.

  • Step 7 Make patty mixture

    Now, in the bowl of cooled veggies, add the roasted seeds, cottage cheese, oats and boiled quinoa to the mixture and mix well. Adjust the seasoning and the patty mixture is made.

  • Step 8 Cook the steak

    Now, make the patty with this mixture and cook it on a grill. Or, you can pan-fry it as well using a little oil. Once the steak is cooked, enjoy it with some chilled yoghurt or enjoy it in a burger.