Cucumber Cold Soup Recipe

Summers are here and what can be better than indulging in a delicious and soul satiating cold soup made with the freshness of cucumbers, yoghurt and spices. We often relate soups to winter meals, but there are certain soups which are great for summers and make for a perfect light meal. Also this soup is made using boiled chickpeas, which adds a creamy texture and is great for weight watchers as this soup is loaded with proteins, which is also good for people suffering from Diabetes. This dish can be tweaked as per taste. Lasty, enjoy it cold with sourdough bread or crouton and share your feedback with us!

How to make Cucumber Cold Soup

  • Step 1 Peel the cucumber and cut them into small pieces

    To make this quick soup, wash and soak the chickpeas overnight, drain the water and pressure cook for 3-4 whistles. Wash and peel the cucumber and cut them into small pieces.

  • Step 2 Blend it all

    Take a blender and add in the cucumber, green chilies, grated cucumber, chickpeas, yoghurt, black pepper, salt and coriander leaves. Keep blending till the mixture, turn into a thick creamy soup.

  • Step 3 Add roasted garlic and enjoy

    Take a pan and add olive oil along with garlic, roast well and pour over the soup, give it a nice mix. Garnish the way you like and enjoy!