Chickpea Carrot Soup Recipe

Looking for a delicious and comforting soup, then try this healty and tasty Chickpea Carrot soup made with just a few ingredients and is great for weight watchers. Low in calories, this protein rich soup will keep you satiated for a longer period of time and help in strenghtening the muscles, bone health, boosts memory and improves cell regenertaion due to the healthy intake of essntial nutreints in carrot and chickpeas hearty soup on a chilly winter evening.

How to make Chickpea Carrot Soup

  • Step 1 Soak chickpeas

    To make this easy recipe, soak the chickpeas overnight. Before cooking, drain the water and pressure cook the chickpeas along with carrot.

  • Step 2 Blend

    Once the chickpeas are cooked, allow it to cool down and blend the soup.

  • Step 3 Serve hot

    Take a pan and add in butter, chopped garlic and onions saute it well. Pour the blend and season with salt, pepper and paprika and enjoy the way you like.