Hariyali Matki Khichdi Recipe

Whenever cooking for a diabetic person, it becomes utmost importance that the food doesn’t have too many carbs as that can shoot the blood sugar, causing restless and other related issues. For all those looking for diabetic-friendly recipes, we have a dish that’s not just nutritious and takes care of the blood sugar, but is delicious in taste too! This khichdi recipe has been made with matki or moth bean sprouts, which is known to be a good source of protein. The moth bean sprouts are super-healthy and loaded with dietary fibre, vitamin B1, and minerals like magnesium, zinc and phosphorus, which are necessary to maintain the complete health of a person. When a diabetic person consumes this khichdi, it helps in controlling the blood sugar levels of a person who has been dealing with it for a long time. This khichdi recipe is super-easy to make and can be prepared in just 15-20 minutes. All you require to cook this dish is soaked moth bean sprouts or matki and rice along with mint leaves, spinach, and a few spices and you are good to

How to make Hariyali Matki Khichdi

  • Step 1 Sak moth beans (matki) and rice

    Take a large bowl and wash moth bean (matki) 2-3 times. Once done, soak them overnight and once soaked, drain well. Next, wash the rice 2-3 times and soak for 20-30 minutes before cooking.

  • Step 2 Temper cumin seeds and asafoetida in ghee

    Now, take a kadhai and put it on medium flame. Put desi ghee in it and let it melt. Once the ghee is melted, add cumin seeds in it along with heeng (asafoetida). Let them temper for a few seconds.

  • Step 3 Sauté onion & garlic

    In the kadhai, add chopped onion and garlic in it. Stir well and sauté them on medium flame.

  • Step 4 Cook soaked rice and moth beans in the kadhai

    Once the raw smell of onion goes away, add soaked matki and rice in it and mix well. Then, add water to the kadhai and stir once again. Cook the khichdi on medium to high flame. Now, add black pepper powder and garam masala to the khichdi and mix once again. Cook for 2-3 minutes.

  • Step 5 Cook the Khichdi with spinach and spring onions

    Finally, add the palak puree to the cooking khichdi along with chopped palak, green chillies and spring onions. Stir well and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Add the chopped mint leaves to the kadhai and mix once again.

  • Step 6 Temper garlic in ghee and add to the Khichdi, and enjoy

    For the final step, put the tadka pan on medium flame and melt ghee in it. Add chopped garlic to it and temper for a few seconds and pour it over the cooking khichdi. The khichdi is done, serve it hot with roasted papad, achar and Rajasthani Kadhi.