Bhoger Mangsho Recipe

It’s that time of the year, when festive zeal can be felt everywhere. Durga Puja is around the corner and its time immerse your soul in the festive spirit and devotion. The essence of Durga Puja is incomplete without a delicious Bhoger Proshad and one dish that is traditionally offered as Bhog is Bhoger Mangsho. In Bengali cuisine, anything cooked without onion and garlic (most of the time) is termed as Niramish. As per the rituals, sacrificing ‘goat’ locally termed as“Boli” used to be quite common during Durga/Kali pujo. Then the sacrificed meat will be specially prepared and would be distributed as the “Prasad”. It is never prepared using Onion and Garlic. That’s why this unique preparation called‘Bhoger Mangsho’.

Recipe by: Sous Chef, Nishad K, Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks

How to make Bhoger Mangsho

  • Step 1 Wash mutton and marinate

    Wash the mutton pieces and marinate with ginger, Curd, Cumin Powder, Coriander Powder, Turmeric Powder, Red Chili Powder and rest in the fridge for around 6 hours.

  • Step 2 Marinate the potatoes

    Peel the potatoes and marinate with turmeric powder. Mix rest of the masala along with 10 ml mustard oil to make a thick paste.Heat remaining oil in a pan and fry potatoes till golden brown in color.

  • Step 3 Add oil to the pan

    Now add oil in a deep pan and add ghee to it. Add whole masalas into the mixed oil & ghee and cook for a minute. Add ginger paste to the mixture and cook for 2 minutes on low flame until the raw ginger smell goes away.

  • Step 4 Beat the curd

    Add the spice paste and sugar and cook for 3-4 minutes on low flame. Beat the curd and add to the mixture, cook until the oil separates. Add the marinated meat and cook in low flame for 10-15 minutes and add fried potatoes.

  • Step 5 Serve hot

    Add water to boil. Keep semi thick consistency (if require add water in between). Finally add garam masala powder and 1 Tsp. of ghee to finish.